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After Jackie

After Jackie celebrates the 75th anniversary of Jackie Robinson’s integration into Major League Baseball. Robinson opened the door for other African Americans to join the league and this documentary taps into key people and events in the aftermath.. Interviews include, Bill White, Bob Gibson, Hank Aaron and many others who lived through these times.

An inside look at the men and women of our nation's SWAT teams and how they are prepaired for threats from terrorists and respond to active shooter situations. Included is a look at the shooting incident at Columbine HS and how that changed who SWAT teams respond to an active shooter.

Rwandan genocide survivor, Immaculée Ilibagiza, presents stories of men and women who through their Faith, have chosen to forgive. With additional insights on forgiveness from a theological and psychological perspective.

10 Episodes to date.

The World of Guitar is a 13 part PBS broadcast series devoted to understanding the guitar, celebrity guitarists, and the music industry. There are many reasons why the guitar is the most popular instrument in the world. It’s portable, inexpensive to own and easy to play – at least in the early stages. It’s also massively versatile and above all – cool. Each episode includes in-depth interviews and insights into the world of guitarists of all styles from rock n roll and classical to jazz and everything music genre in between. The series is currently airing across the country on local PBS stations.

This story is about Damien, a beautiful artist who poured himself into his music to reach us and help us heal. He pursued his dream with love and passion, chasing a dream to write and perform music. The message that will come clear from telling Damien’s story is that heroin addiction takes over the most gifted and loving as if possessed by the darkest of demons. Yet even on their darkest days, their soul will reveal love. When in recovery, addicts deserve our understanding, love and compassion.

 Many have heard of the horrific genocide that took place in Rwanda in 1994, But few are aware that Our Lady warned the country about the impending disaster – and how to avoid it – during a series of apparitions to three school girls 12 years earlier. the docudrama includes footage of the actual Rwandan school girl visionaries, the mental torture they endured by those who did not believe them, Immaculée IIlibagiza, who appears prominently in the docudrama. Immaculée is the woman who told the world about the genocide in the 2017 best-selling book, “Left to Tell.


In The Works

In the final months of World War II, a unique team of motion picture professionals loaded their cameras with color film, and fanned out across Europe to document the final struggle against Hitler’s Nazi Germany. 

This is the story of the officers and men of Special Film Project 186, whose unique witness to history can now be shared through the documentary “Chasing Hitler: The Untold Story of Special Film Project 186.” 



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Bill White, former MLB player 1956-1969, NY Yankees Broadcaster 18 years, National League President 1989-1994 in the studio at MLB Network.

On location interview setup with MLB Hall of Fame pitcher Bob Gibson.

On Location Production including
Green Screen

Single and two camera green capabilities. Ideal when the shooting location  is less than desirable.