Amends - Damien's Story

This story is about Damien, a beautiful artist who poured himself into his music to reach us and help us heal. He pursued his dream with love and passion, chasing a dream to write and perform music.

The message that will come clear from telling Damien’s story is that heroin addiction takes over the most gifted and loving as if possessed by the darkest of demons. Yet even on their darkest days, their soul will reveal love. When in recovery, addicts deserve our understanding, love and compassion. We must fine the safe boundaries to support them so that they do not give up on themselves. They are depleted of self-confidence and so in need of this.  In his last months, Damien understood this and while incarcerated and in the final chapter of his short but inspirational life, he reached out to many. 

In addition to the story thread of this documentary, there are experiences from many friends whose lives were touched by this innocent and inspiring soul. Many music videos, interviews and a library of his music that culminated with an acoustic set of unreleased raw songs that he recorded in his last months, that left an intense message of hope for all of us. 

This story is all the more poignant and powerful and meant for our times, for it chronicles in vivid detail the havoc and destruction of heroin addiction. With so many lost to addiction, We that telling Damien’s story will reach many because his charisma and talent is showcased in a way that is moving and endearing.  This provides a well-documented, intimate and compelling story of the reality of addiction.