The World of Guitar

13 Part PBS Series

The World of Guitar is a 13 part PBS broadcast series about understanding the guitar and the artists who have devoted their lives to learning, playing, and performing this instrument. Each episode includes in-depth interviews and insights into the world of well-known and emerging guitarists, how they discovered and learned the guitar, how they made playing the guitar into a career, and where the guitar has taken them today. The series features legendary artists including:
Peter Frampton, John Oates, Joe Bonamassa, and many more.​​​​​​​The series is currently airing across the country on local PBS stations.


The series was funded by a non-profit and ultimately donated to PBS. Each interview was multi-camera and locations were NYC, Nashville, and aboard three different blues cruses. My responsibilities included;

​​​​​​​Producer, location producer, filming 3 camera shoots, content director, editor.